10 Untold Secret On How To Become Better At Playing Piano For Young Child

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1. Make piano practice a priority!

Your kids won’t learn to play the piano unless they actually spend time playing the piano.   When children don’t practice, they don’t play well and then they start to believe that they can’t learn to play the piano. The truth is simply that they didn’t put in the practice time!   You’re paying a lot of money for lessons, but success won’t happen unless your kids practice several days each week. It sounds obvious, but many parents forget this basic concept. Get those kids to the keyboard!   

2. Practice Piano Right After Their Piano Lesson

Have your children practice right after their lesson and the very next day. Their practice will be much more effective because everything they learned is fresh in their minds.   This is one of the very best ways to ensure good quality practice.

3. Study the music piece before playing

Before your children begin to practice a song, have them look the piece over. Teachers will often mark tricky rhythms or easily missed notes.   If your kids start by glancing over the piece and taking note of any teacher marks—before playing—they’ll be much more likely to pay attention to those sections when they begin to practice.   This is a simple concept that often takes less than a minute, but can really make a big difference. Most kids won’t do this unless their parents remind them.

4. Consistency is key.   

Consistent practice of 4-5 days a week is better than 1 or 2 days of longer practice. A short, focused 15-minute session will do wonders for your children!   Some very young kids may only be able to do 10 minutes, but if they’re consistent with that 10 minutes every day, their learning will soar! Even children with the busiest of schedules can find just 10 minutes a day to practice.

5. Remind your children to practice

Should you remind your children to practice? YES! Don’t hesitate to remind them. Children wouldn’t brush their teeth if we didn’t tell them to. It’s the same with piano practice.   In this book you’ll find lots of obvious ways to remind your children and some more subtle ways so you don’t feel like you’re constantly nagging them.

6. Ask your children to play their favorite song 

After your children have practiced their assignments for the week, encourage them to go back and play a few of their old favorite songs.   This is a great way to keep their skills fresh. Plus, it’s fun! The more they play, the better they’ll get and then they’ll want to play even more. It’s a win-win situation.  

7. Be a cheerleader!

Let your kids overhear you telling someone how well they’re doing. Be specific and sincere.   Don’t say they’re great at practicing the piano if they rarely do it. Instead, you could say you’re amazed at how quickly they learn when they practice.

The idea is simply for you to find something to compliment!  

8. Do your children a favor and encourage them to play in front of people when they’re beginners.   

If they start performing early, they won’t get as nervous at recitals later. This doesn’t have to be a big deal. Even just a phone call to grandma during practice would work. A Skype call would be even better!   Remember, being able to perform or talk in front of people is an important skill and this is your chance to give your children a head start!

9. Let your kids see you practicing something or learning a new hobby.

Children often think that skills magically appear. Or people were born with amazing abilities.   As adults, we know that every expert was a beginner at some point. You can help your children learn this truth early in life if they see you working to develop a new skill.   

10. Decide on a minimum number of years your children will commit to piano lessons.

Some kids learn very quickly in the beginning, but when they start to feel challenged, they want to stop. Don’t let them quit!   Every child struggles at some point—and that’s good! It means they are growing and learning.

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