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How to Choose the Best Piano Teacher for Your Child

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Learning how to play piano will offer your child with great challenges, rich rewards and lifetime enjoyments. The key to success when it comes to playing piano is getting the right teacher to lead and inspire your child especially when they are starting out. Any good piano teacher will be able to help your child learn the right technique, keep them motivated, inspire them to venture outside their comfort zone and develop as a player.

So, how do you find a qualified teacher? What type of qualities do you look for in a piano teacher? The process of finding the right teacher for your child is an important step. Below are ideas that will help you get a perfect piano teacher for your child.


One of the most important things that will enable your child to effectively learn piano playing is the natural fit between them and the teacher. It is advisable that you set a meeting between your child and the teacher. Never do all the talking. Give your child time to talk with the teacher.

Here are things you need to look at from the prospective teacher:

•    Is the teacher interested in what your child is saying?

•    Does the teacher have some sense of humour?

•    Does the teacher make eye contact with your child?

•    Does the teacher draw your child out?

Your child is a child (you know what that mean). It is important that your child has lessons that include laughter. Humour is known to be very valuable when dealing with kids.

Ask your Child the following questions:

•    Would you like to see the teacher again?

•    Were you comfortable working with the teacher?

•    Was there anything the teacher did that made you confused or uncomfortable?

There are piano teachers especially the younger ones who do not have much experience. In fact, it is the teachers who are starting off that have the least experience in teaching beginners. It is important to keep an open eye on them.  The best choice is an enthusiastic and young teacher willing to invest in your child. There is nothing better than an experienced teacher and nothing worse than a burned out, exhausted, rigid and bored teacher.

In case a piano teacher has a website, it is advisable that you take some time and go through the website and find out as much as possible concerning the teacher.

One great way you can always use to help you find out about a teacher is attending a recital by her students. Whenever possible, the teachers will always invite prospective parents to come and watch their students play. This is one simple way the parents can experience their style and how the teachers relate with their students.

In case you are not sure, feel free to request if you can take a free trial lesson to see if the lesson will be good for your child.


What do you intend for your child to accomplish with the piano lessons? Any teacher will be confused to hear the parent saying, “I never wanted my children to be concert pianists, all I wanted is for them to have fun.”

Definitely, any teacher will want their students to enjoy the learning. However, if they are only interested in having fun, they might perform better by having a playground trip.

Below are examples of specific choices and goals:

I need my child to be in a competitive, elite and high energy environment

You will have to go for a highly skilled teacher who possesses a record of competition winners who will go an extra mile in getting such opportunities for your child. You can consider having an audition at a conservatory in case your town has one. The type of piano teachers you will be looking for will most likely be there.

I need my child in a healthy and warm environment that fosters creativity, individuality and love for music

Go for a teacher that has a collaborative studio where the kids play duets and opportunities for performance are not competitive.

My child has a learning difference and I am interested in getting a teacher who embraces and understands my child.

Looking for teachers with skills such as teaching kids with special needs means going for a teacher that loves taking challenges in unlocking an unusual body or mind. Such a teacher will never wait to try in figuring out what works. It is advisable that you go for a teacher who is creative and ready to try out new materials, ideas and techniques.


Definitely, the location will be of great priority when choosing your child’s piano teacher. How far will you be able to drive for the right piano teacher for your child? There are parents who are willing to drive for two hours just one way for the appropriate teacher. However, the closest teacher is believed to be of greater preference.

Consider rush hour and afternoon traffic unless you can schedule the lessons on weekends or have a home-schooled child. Any top teacher will always refer you to someone who is closer to you in case they are a better choice.

Are you interested in hiring a piano teacher who comes to your house? This can be of great convenience since you will not have to arrange for your child’s transportation or leave your home. However, getting to travel piano teachers can at times be difficult. There are times when you can get a young and enthusiastic teacher who can come to you, at times there are experienced teachers who prefer teaching at home. In case there is a good travelling piano teacher in your area, high chances they will be having a waiting list. You need to be ready for a tricky and specific schedule since travelling piano teachers do factor in parking, traffic and driving time.


It is important that you always ask the teachers to work schedule upfront. Is the teacher able to teach after school? What about evenings, Saturdays or Sundays? Try finding out if the teacher teaches on a day when you can get your child there. For example, if the teacher does not teach during weekends and your child can only make it during the weekends, end the conversation there. You should not be too picky at the start.


Most of the teachers did not go for this profession because they were after being business owners. For sure, you will always be on the lookout for a teacher that runs a tight ship. In case a teacher has a clear studio policy, it basically means that they have clearly thought about the issues that are of great importance to them and have delineated them. It also does not mean that the teachers will not be reasonable and flexible; it means that they are able to support themselves by running a professional business. It is a great thing for them as business owners and for you as a consumer.

Any good studio policy will comprise of information on when and how much you will pay and how to get supplies and pay them and cancellation policy.


Go For a Piano teacher who varies their Routine

Most piano teachers are known to use the same books year in year out which can be of great benefit. However, as their students grew and change, you need to check if there is a tailored curriculum for every individual. Does it appear like a factor where a kid gets on a conveyor belt and still hopes she does not fall off?

In case you child opts to stick with the lessons into the middle class and beyond, their teachers will be great in their adult transition. Hence, you need to check if the teacher is someone whom you would want your child to confide in.

Finding a Piano Teacher

Always start by asking your close friends or acquaintances if they have a good piano teacher for their child. Getting referrals from other parents can also be great.  Consider checking with the music programs at nearby universities and colleges. Most faculties are known to offer music lessons and you can find yourself unearthing a hidden gem in a student.

Try inquiring from your local music store. Most music stores do have bulletin boards with posts on opportunities and other types of adverts. Depending on your child’s age, you can also consider asking their music teacher at school. There are some who offer piano lessons after school or might know of someone who can be of great help.

When looking for a piano teacher for your child, it is important that you always keep a list of the recommended piano teachers and this guide will also be of great help in helping you get the right teacher for your child.

Final Thoughts

It is important that you always pay close attention to your child. In case your child likes the teacher, that’s really important. Also, consider if the teacher likes your child since your child will be spending more time with the person for weeks if not months to come. Consider if the teacher will be able to encourage, understand, like and validate them.

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