Pursue Passion In Art

We teaches Art lessons based in Paya Lebar, Singapore. With a well-equipped hands-on & minds-on curriculum, students will be able to explore and to further their talents to greater heights.
Meet our teachers

Art Teachers

Blossom (MOE-Certified)

Teacher Blossom has been teaching for 9 years and counting. Her teaching platforms include teaching in preschools, primary, secondary and privte enrichment Centres. I’d various projects and workshops conducted in indoor playgrounds where I can instill the joy and learning of art in a fun way. She love kids and the positive ions they give out and would love to share and spread the passion and love through the process of learning art. She had also taught in special school such as ASPN katong for gifted children.


Have fun with all this art!

  • Handicrafts

  • Sketching

  • Acrylic painting

  • Crayon Resistance Painting

  • Watercolor painting

  • Scrupture Making

for all ages

Our Classes

Tiny Artist

(Age group: 3-4 years old)
Duration: 1 hour
Group size: up to 4



Tiny Artist 3 - 4 years old Tuesday 5pm - 6pm
Tiny Artist 3 - 4 years old Thursday 5pm - 6pm
Thinking Artist 5 - 6 years old Thursday 6pm - 7pm
Talented Artist 7 - 12 years old Tuesday 230pm - 4pm
Talented Artist 7 - 12 years old Tuesday 6pm - 730pm
Talented Artist 7 - 12 years old Thursday 7pm - 830pm
    Art Lesson
    Claire, 2 years old, featuring her art piece of wheels on the bus during trial class!
    Call us on +65 9850 8290 to book a lesson today!