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Tiano Academy offers our award winning holistic music programme that is based on personalised teaching methods. Individual music lessons are catered to maximise children’s learning potential by exposing them to different genres of music within their learning capability. We had won the ‘school of the year – holistic programme (newcomer) in 2018 from the little magazine. We had been issued in the past 2 ‘Little’ magazines and will be also be featured in their upcoming magazine in the year 2019.
Little Magazine
Little Magazine School Of The Year Award

What Can My Child Learn?

Tiano Academy music programme will develop your child music, social, creative thinking abilities and motor skill.

Your child can choose to take part in any of our individual and group music lessons including Piano Lesson, Piano Grading, Independent Musician and Music Theory.

Children can be part of Tiano Academy in-house music competitions as well as external competitions organised by other schools or community.

Tiano Academy organised camps/outings every 2-3 months for students from art, music or dance to bond together. It could be outing to a musical show, picnic at botanical gardens and the list goes on....

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Pre-grade and ABRSM Grading piano individual and group lessons for all ages
Music Lessons

Music Lessons For Toddlers

This is our flagship program develop a child ability to learn music. The youngest student who joined this program is 1.5 years old.
Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory lesson develop your child ability to understand music and nurture his/her skill to know music from the basics.

What is Tiano Academy Music Programme based on?

Unlikely major company and franchises, we don't focus on profit. Tiano Music Programme follow closely to our set of core values which includes Personalised Learning. There is no 1 size fit all, Tiano Academy unlock your child learning potential by exposing him/her to different genres of music within their learning capability. Followed by planning your child learning structure based on him/her progress to meet each milestone at the end of each terms.

Tiano Academy will provide you with a short update of your child learning and development after each class as we believe allowing parents to get involved with the process of their child’s learning is important and crucial for both the parties.

What Makes Tiano Academy Unique?

Tiano Academy founder Cherry been has exposed to music at a young age of 3 years old, She gotten both her diploma in ABRSM piano performance and piano teaching. On top of that, she have also obtained her diploma in early childhood education which comes in handy, especially when handling a class of 2 or 3 years old. Tiano Academy Teachers are has ABRSM Diploma and even have experience teaching children with special needs (e.g. autism, ADHD etc.)

Tiano Academy don't just teach music, 
the youngest learner comes in at a young age of 2 years old without the company of parents. Tiano Academy would like your child to explore without the assistance of their parents and to mingle around peers of their similar age group. This way they can learn both music and independence through interactions in class. As compared to other music schools, most schools will be parent-accompanied as it is driven towards a larger group setting.