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Looking for a music school that has experience teaching young kids?

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No space to keep a piano at home?

Online learning & private piano teachers allows your child to learn the piano at the comfort of your home, unlike an professional music school. They might pick up bad habits and technique which could lead to injury without professional supervision and teaching methods.

Most of our parents who come to us do have experience engaging a private piano teacher, many faced issues such as teacher being unavailable, becoming too costly or with experience in handling young child and this could be disruptive to your child learning process.

You won’t have to worry about all those at Tiano Academy. All piano teachers at Tiano Academy has an ABRSM diploma for piano teaching/piano performance with plenty of hands on experience and can be more affordable than hiring a private piano teacher.

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Unique Learning Experience

Unlike major companies and franchises we do not focus on profits. Our youngest learner comes in at a young age of 2 years old without the company of parents. We would like young learners to explore without the assistance of their parents and to mingle around peers of their similar age group. This way they can learn both music and independence through interactions in class. As compared to other music schools, most schools will be parent-accompanied as it is driven towards a larger group setting.


Personalised Lesson Structure

Tiano Academy’s music lessons follow closely to one of our core values – personalized learning. Individual music lessons are catered to maximize children’s learning potential by exposing them to different genres of music within their learning capability. Every student’s progress and lesson structures are planned individually to meet individual milestones at the end of each term. Other schools will have a structured plan whereby all students will go through the same syllabus.


Get Exclusive Access to Tiano Camps & Outing

Tiano Academy differs a little from other schools is because we will constantly organize camps/outings every 2-3 months for students from art, music or dance to bond together. For example, our upcoming march holidays, there will be an outing to Esplanade to watch a musical show. I believe this is one of the many reasons why many are drawn to come in after knowing about the upcoming events.


Meet Our Piano Teachers

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Our Music Teachers are all qualified teacher with of years’ industry experience. With many years working directly with children fuels their passion for giving them the very best environment to learn and grow.

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Tiano Academy is definitely a good place to learn piano, with professional and friendly teacher that guides the children with her best and get the best of this learning process. I highly recommend this place
Tricia Yeo

We are driven by a passion to teach music. We love to have you!