Student and Parents Testimonial

6 months ago, we enrolled our 4 year old son with Ms Cherry’s group lesson. He was so delighted with the music he was learning that he would draw notes everywhere and would run downstairs to our piano in the morning and play the new tune he had learned. It’s such a joy witnessing my boy learning the art of music in a warm, personal & caring environment.

– Mimi Trinh, Mother of Derek.

My 6-year- old daughter takes individual piano lessons with Teacher Cherry. Their Music materials at Tiano Academy is systematic & she has good experience with children. Anabelle progresses steadily and gained confidence from the encouragement. I feel that Anabelle receives a lot of attention from the teacher which she might not have in YAMAHA or other commercialized schools.

– Susan Chen, Mother of Anabelle Lee.

Gilia started picking up piano classes with Teacher Cherry at the age of 3.5 years old. We stopped piano for a year due to logistics issues but Gilia still talks about Teacher Cherry now and then, it shows a lot as I feel that leaving a good impression for the children is important. Now that we continued taking up lesson with Teacher Cherry, Gilia’s interest for piano grew and she practices the piano every day!! Now my 2 younger twins are taking lessons from Teacher Cherry and they talk about her almost every day too!

– Gilia/Gelyn/Gareth’s Mummy.

Wen Ning was 3 when she attended the Music class by Teacher Cherry. She progressed to learning piano at 3.5 years old under the encouragement of Teacher Cherry. She has been enjoying classes for a couple of years now and is preparing for the ABRSM Grade 1 examination. As parents who have limited knowledge in music, we’re happy with our girl’s progress and confident that Teacher Cherry will guide her to the best of her abilities.

– Mrs Ng, Mother of Ng Wen Ning.

Matthias enjoys learning piano with Teacher Cherry. He says that Teacher Cherry knows how to teach piano lesson and that is important. She also knows how to handle children. Good job Cherry!

– Matthias’s Grandma

Tiano Academy provides an excellent environment for kids who are attending their music lesson. Teacher Cherry never fail to captivate my child’s interest in music by conducting the piano lesson in a fun & interactive way. She also established a good teacher-parent relationship by sharing the progress of my child periodically. My 6 years old daughter is always enthusiastic & looking forward to her piano class every week.

– Jacqueline, (Ainsley’s Mummy)