Welcome to our Tiano Academy Music & Art website. My years of hands on experience in the Early Childhood, Music and Piano has allowed me to establish this learning haven.

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Build Close Bond With Parents and Their Child

Cherry believe building close bond with parents is the reason why parents keep coming back. Tiano Academy focus on Personalised Individual Learning and makes little compromises along the way, for the better of both parties. Our goal is to maximise your child fullest potential in a holistic environment - through Music, Art & Dance.

Tiano Academy is founded by Cherry Tan who's music career involved performing in Singapore Youth Music Festival and Music appreciation concerts in Singapore.

More importantly, Cherry is a Diploma holder in Music Performance and Early childhood teaching, With more than 5 years of passionate teaching in Music from ages as young as 10 months old,

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Our Passion In Music, Art and Teaching

"The favourite thing about Tiano Academy is whenever there is a  keen individual walking in to enquire for classes is there are no limits to individuals who want to learn music, art or dance. Our youngest learner is 2 years old and our oldest range all the way to 56 years old. I like how everybody walks in with the desire to learn something they enjoy doing!"

Tiano Academy consists of well-trained teachers for the various learning areas, mainly: Music, Art & Dance. The lessons carried out by the teachers are planned professionally with the objective of helping students from all levels and age group maximise the fullest potential.

Tiano Academy come about from the belief of taking pride and responsibility in the learning process of music, art and dance. They believe that it is important to cement an individual’s fundamental knowledge and skills through a range of both practical and theory exercises in order to excel in the area of interest.

Cherry Tan
Founder of Tiano Academy

What Our Parents Are Saying

Tiano Academy is definitely a good place to learn piano, with professional and friendly teacher that guides the children with her best and get the best of this learning process. I highly recommend this place
Tricia Yeo

Why Visit Our Academy


We are driven by a passion to teach

Our Music & Art Academy located at Central Singapore, convenient, clean and neat learning environment for your child to immerse in their journey of learning piano, music or art and develop pride and independence in the process. Our Skilled Teachers are ready to take on challenges and impart their virtue, knowledge and passion to our young learners.

Music and Art are only 2 of few main category we have to offer. Visit Us to find out more.

Tiano Academy Art Class

What We Offer

Music Class

Music Classes

We provide music theory, independent musician and piano lesson for all ages.
Art Class

Art Classes

Through learning art, your child will nurture patience, creativity and positive thinking and that's just a few of it's benefit. Art is about turning an idea to reality and is the first step to any successful individual.